Wall painting unit

The Wall painting studio tries to answer all technical questions on how to manage, care for, and conserve-restore old wall paintings in Belgium. In this matter, the unit centers itself on the scientific study, on the one hand, and on how to apply the findings, on the other hand. This application allows us to inquire and evaluate the relevance of possible answers.





The pluridisciplinary study carried out by the KIK-IRPA on the 15th-century wall paintings of the chapel of Saint-Hubert of Ponthoz castle and those of the church of Saint-Lambert de Bois (Clavier, Wallonia, Belgium) is narrated in a compelling, richly illustrated way in the 11th volume of our Scientia Artis-series: D'une même main. Peintures murales du XVe siècle dans la principauté de Liège. Regards croisés sur la chapelle du château de Ponthoz et l'église de Bois.

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Contact person: Estelle De Groote - estelle.degroote@kikirpa.be