Victor Horta: wallpapers and fabrics

On the occasion of the Victor Horta year Horta Inside Out, the Autrique House prepares the exhibition Horta Motifs, dedicated to wallpapers and fabrics in the Brussels art nouveau interiors. Wivine Wailliez, our colleague from the Decoration of monuments unit who is responsible for the inventory of wallpaper, participated as member of the scientific comittee in setting up this exhibition in the Maison Autrique from April 2018 to January 2019.

In the past fifteen years the Decoration of monuments unit has studied numerous houses of the famous architect: the hotels Tassel, Winssinger, Frison, Solvay, van Eetvelde, his private house (now Horta Museum), as well as the houses Max Hallet and Sander Pierron. Many of the wallpapers are included in our online inventory, available in French and in Dutch.