Congratulations to Eduardo Lamas-Delgado!

During the public session on the occasion of its 175st anniversary, the Académie royale d’Archéologie de Belgique awarded its triennial prize to our colleague and art historian Eduardo Lamas-Delgado for his research on the Flemish painter Miguel Manrique (c. 1612-1647). With this research Eduardo succeeded in recontextualising this misunderstood and little-studied artist.

Manrique was born in Marche-en-Famenne, received his trained in Antwerp and left for Italy at a very young age, where he was known as Michele Fiammingo. He worked in Genua in the entourage of Antoon Van Dijck and Cornelis de Wael. Manrique subsequently moved to Malaga in the south of Spain, where he died in 1647. The painter has traditionally been considered a pupil of Rubens and his oeuvre makes him one of the most southern representatives of Antwerp baroque painting.  



Miguel Manrique, The Meal at the House of Simon, Malaga Cathedral, © Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio