Monuments and monumental decoration lab

The monuments and monumental decoration lab analyses the conservation conditions and the deterioration phenomena of monument constructions. It also performs studies of the techniques and components on stone-like materials.

The laboratory also gives conservation and restoration advice.

The studies are mainly focused on:

- detecting humidity from the ground;

- identifying dimension stone and studying the composition of mortars and plaster;

- measuring the humidity level and the salinity degree of stone-like materials;

- identifying the physical properties of construction materials ( water capillary action, drying behavior, mercury porosity, saturation coefficient, sound speed);

- defining the degree and the extent of deterioration of porous materials by using a resistance a resistance profile;

- studying and examining in situ the water repellent treatment and the strengthening;

- identifying and studying the manner in which the products used for the conservation and restoration of immovable heritage are applied ;

- non-destructive in situ analysis of wall paintings ;

- identifying pigments, fillers, binders, varnishes, decorative finishings,... of wall paintings and monumental decoration (both interior and exterior).

The laboratory researches, on the one hand, the procedures of applying the consolidation means and on the other hand, the salinity compatibility of surface treatments.

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