The Documentation Department

The main task of the Documentation department is to set up a photographic inventory of Belgium's cultural heritage. The photographic studios work in close collaboration with art historians from the department or with colleagues from other departments or even from other institutes.

We are constantly expanding the current collection, both in size, by revealing unknown collections, and in depth, with detailed documentation on subjects that the art historians study as part of their specialisation or in the framework of a specific project.

The Documentation department unites four services:

- The Information Centre, which consists of a photo library with more than one million photographs, a scientific library which specialises in the subjects studied by the Institute, and the archives of the scientific reports. Contact:

- The Centre for the Study of the Flemish Primitives, which offers the public a vast collection of documentation (photos, books, technical reports, databases) on fifteenth-century painting in the Southern Netherlands. Contact:

- The art historical research

- The Imaging section, which consists of the photo studios and the scientific imaging, responsible for researching and applying new techniques in the field of scientific imaging of works of art. Contact: Christina Currie -